How to renew the Commercial

Registration, Computer Card, Trade License

and Tax Card in Qatar?

Do you have an existing business in Qatar? We have a professional team of experts who can help you renew your Commercial Registration, Computer Card, Trade License and Tax Card in Qatar

Why Qatar

The economy of Qatar is booming day by day. With great business opportunities, the world is looking at Qatar as a prosperous and prospective business hub. Therefore, every year, more and more people from around the globe are coming to Qatar to set up their business in the country. we realize the importance of your business registrations in Qatar and hence take care of the yearly renewals of your company registrations with the different government entities in Qatar so as not to get any fines or warnings from them.

Commercial Registration and Trade License Renewal

Renewal of commercial registration in Qatar is important to execute your business in Qatar smoothly without facing any trouble or legal issues and delaying it for too long might even get your business license cancelled. 99% of the people takes care of the registrations when they initially setup their businesses in Qatar but forget to renewal their commercial registrations later on, landing them in major trouble with the authorities.

Our Team of Experts

We have a well-equipped team of Qatar who can assist you with all kinds of Company registration renewals in Qatar including CR renewal, Computer Card renewal, Trade License renewal, Tax Card renewal. Most of the company owners delay these renewals primarily because it is a hectic and time-consuming process to do it themselves. Once the required documents are handed over to us,

Our team of expert professionals would help you get or renew trade license in Qatar, minus any procedural delay within a short time. Also, as far as the commercial registration in Qatar is concerned, our team offers the best solutions at reasonable rates. If you have set up your mind on coming to Doha and settling for business by issuing a trade license in Qatar, we are there for you.

Changing Profession

Expats in Qatar need to have a valid Qatar ID which must include the profession they are actually working in. However, if the profession written on the Qatar ID is not correct, for whatever reason, this may affect you in different ways and may not allow you to obtain certain privileges and services at banks, official institutions, getting a driver’s license, visa on arrival for family and friends, and problems when it comes to obtaining a family visa so your family can come to stay with you in Qatar.

From Employer

  • No Objection Certificate from employer to change profession.
  • Copy of Qatar ID of the authorized signatory.
  • Copies of company documents like Company Registration (CR), municipality certificate/license and computer card.
  • Copy of the office electricity bill.
  • Three copies of the labor contract with the new profession mentioned (signed by both parties, and the authorized person).

From Employee

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How to register a company in Qatar?

  • Copy of QID and Passport.
  • Copy of academic qualifications attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and their certified Arabic translation.
  • Previous labor contract
  • Six-month salary statement + detailed salary bank statement
  • Duly filled Application form