How to apply for a Company Classification Certificate in Qatar?

Classification Certificate from Ministry of Finance

We can help you obtain a company classification certificate from Ministry of Finance for participating in Government tenders and projects. There are 3 types of classification certificates in Qatar:

  1. Supplier classification
  2. Service provider classification
  3. Contractor classification

Company Classification

The Department of Government Procurement Regulation at the Ministry of Finance has invited all companies including the small and medium enterprises to register itself so as to classify them and open the way for them to enter the governmental tenders. The new law targets to raise the efficiency of auctions and tenders in all government agencies by organizing government contracts within the appropriate legal framework, through the development and application of modern management methods.

The Ministry of Finance has taken into account the rules of transparency and freedom of competition in the light of the United Nations Convention. The law stipulates that government contracts should be subject to the principles of justice and publicity, equality, equality of opportunity, freedom of competition, transparency and value for money.

Documents Required: