Company Formation in Qatar

Wll Company

Wll Company

Plan to set up a company in Qatar? The PBM is one of the most protuberant Business Management companies in Qatar specializing in business registration and company registration in Qatar. the country’s openness to global commerce enhances the possibilities of becoming a leading financial and business hub globally. Moreover, the business environment in Qatar is very favorable, conductive, and welcoming to foreigners. The government does not charge any sort of income tax to the businessman. And according to Forbes, Qatar is escalating its private sector greatly. Since there are many small business opportunities in Qatar for a businessman. Qatar the host of FIFA World Cup 2022 is one of the rapidly growing economies in the world with its high per capita income and largest gas supply. Its new liberalized fiscal policies are based on a clear vision with its windows wide open to foreign investors. The state of Qatar has amended its policies permitting foreign investors to have 100% ownership in certain sectors including agriculture, industry, health, education, tourism, development, and exploitation of natural resources, etc. Subsequent amendments to the Foreign Investment Law have
allowed 100% foreign ownership in the areas of information technology,
technical and consultancy services and entertainment, sport and cultural
services and distribution services. 
  A successful strategy for development, investment incentives, infrastructure, banking services, insurance policies, and political and social stability are the contributing factors in creating an excellent industrial climate for business setup in Qatar. These factors act as stimuli to setting up a company in Qatar. Here lie the right place and right opportunity to open a company in Qatar. It is considered the best time for a business set up in Qatar. Qatar is the next big investment destination of the world due to its rapidly growing economy, which is being aided by liberal fiscal policies announced by the Qatar administration.


We have a Professional team of PROs/ Mandoobs who Help you find a Qatary Partner.  Getting local sponsorship becomes highly essential for the foreign business investors in Qatar. According to business norms of Qatar, it is highly significant to find a Qatari sponsor for business with a minimum 51% share in the mainland business (With Limited Liability Company).  The involvement of a Qatari with maximum number of shares is extremely crucial, but not in all cases, it is highly influenced by the business structure chosen by the individual. While finding a sponsor, it is quite essential to find a person with the same business interest. Helpline Group can help you in finding the best Qatari sponsor available of your interest. We have a strong communication network in Qatar, our expert group work together in coordination with locals to provide high- end services to the customers.


Types of companies in Qatar:

The types of companies that a business entrepreneur could consider forming in Qatar are the following:

Let’s get to know these terms better to know how to start a business in Pbmdoha:

WLL Company Formation

WLL is a type of company that involves the participation of entities entirely belonging to Qatar. It is a form of a joint venture in which the parties taking part need to be Qatar nationals and must hold a stake volume of less than 51% of the total shareholding. Besides the real estate and commercial agencies, this variety of companies has the authority to operate in any sector of the economy. Once is formed, it can trade freely in the State of Qatar.

General Partnership Company

If you are thinking of how to start a business in Qatar, forming a general partnership firm will be one of the smartest choices where two or more individuals enter into a mutually agreeable term of business for conducting commercial activities. In Qatar, as well, this type of company is found in abundance.

Limited Share Partnership Company

After the general partnership companies, these are probably the second most commonly found variety of companies in Qatar. For starting a business in Qatar, following the norms of limited share partnership, an enterprise must have four trustee shareholding partners along with one or more joint partners. A minimum share capital of QR.1,000,000 would be required to form a limited share partnership company in Qatar.

Holding Company

The minimum amount of money required for starting a business in Qatar, forming a holding company in Qatar, is QR. 10 million. However, this type of company holds the very special authority of dictating and controlling the management and finance-related issues of another company whose 51% or more shares belong to the shareholding or LLC Company.

Public Shareholding Company

Also known as a joint-stock company, the Qatar laws identify the public shareholding companies as those with either open public shareholdings or closed public shareholdings. Starting a business in Qatar can be hassle-free if you will let us do all the research and assist you in the formation of your dream enterprise.